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  1. Umbreon91

    Everybody wins (mods can lock this)

    THE GIVEAWAY IS OVER Hi everyone and welcome to my nth giveaway. Last times I always asked you something/there was something you must have done to win the prize Pokémon. This time is different, I won't say the Pokémon you're going to win. You will. From now for the next few hours you...
  2. Umbreon91

    Giveaway? Yes. - Mods can lonk this.

    THE GIVEAWAY IS OVER. Winners can VM me. It's been almost an year that I don't open a giveaway thread, and I wanted to do it for... uhm... do I really need to do a reason why opening a giveaway? Whatever, let's start this. Here's the rules: 1) In order to win you must: Answer one of the...
  3. Umbreon91

    Umbreon and Gamer's Great Bazaar

    CLOSED Welcome to our thrade thread! Umbreon91 This is my third experience with a Trade Thread here on Smogon, I always found it nice to expand my horizons trading my Pokémon for others'. For those of you who don't know me, let me introduce myself: I'm a 19 years old boy, I'm Italian and...