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  1. Allosteric

    Sunflora and Bronzong: a deadly 2 vs. 2 combination?

    I like surprising opponents. The element of surprise is a great way to turn the tide of battle in your favor during prediction wars, and Sunflora is pretty surprising, to say the least. Unfortunately, it can't really do much on its own given its low stats, but what if you were to turn those low...
  2. Allosteric

    Can someone give me some feedback on this usage of Focus Sash?

    Um, I'm new to Smogon and competitive battling in general, but I think I may have thought of a new use for Focus Sash. I looked on the forums and didn't really find anything about this strategy, but if it's already common knowledge, feel free to close the thread. Okay, enough preamble. I was...