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  1. Zeta5

    Battle Spot Singles: The Battle Spotter

    I don't really have a creative name for this team (I actually have 3 t's in the name but for the sake of grammar I will tone it down). Sorry about that. I'm also not a fan of super flashy RMTs. I'd rather get straight to the point but still provide enough visuals to make it worth reading...
  2. Zeta5

    Wombo Combo (Peaked 1644 on Showdown)

    HELLO PEOPLE Welcome to this rmt post on smogon! I'm Zeta5 and I'll be your host through this thread! I was sitting around, thinking, HEY I got an idea and so I went, after a a rugged teambuilding session. This team went on a win streak comparable to my Neptune Team. Eventually I did lose but i...
  3. Zeta5

    The Power Squad

    What's up guys, Zeta5 here bringing you an RMT. First, some music while you read: Teambuilding process: The first idea was to use Hydreigon, he's a badass pokemon and a powerful threat at that. I was suggested to use Reuniclus as he...
  4. Zeta5

    The Neptune Team

    Welcome! today I have an interesting team from awhile ago that I felt should be revived for BW2. First though I think it would be a great to get some opinions from the smogon community. Please read the entire thing through! Backround: I used this team around Febuary-March 2012 while scarf...
  5. Zeta5

    Offensive team(with one wall) RMT post

    ok this is my first time making a post on smogon but I guess I will do my best. Anyways to start off, I made a new team which I did use a few times. i'm not quite sure what this team really needs and I'd appreciate some feedback on this team! :toast: THE POKEMON: Hyper (Hydreigon)...