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    Memes You Found Mk. 2

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    BW OU Viability Ranking, mk. 4

    Just posting to say this commentary is exemplary, please contribute to the flying press or something ffs
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    Resource GSC Simple Question, Simple Answer Thread

    Has anyone ever brought a Rollout Snorlax to a match? How did it go? Theorycrafting it actually shouldn't be terrible, you hit some interesting damage thresholds and there aren't a ton of Rock resists in the tier. Curse Snorlax can also just slot it in over Earthquake or Thunder, etc without...
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    CAP 30 - Art Poll 2

    A_Magical_Liopleurodon NoahIOTJ Golurkyourself Quanyails Unsee
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    ITT post rat memes

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    Memes You Found Mk. 2

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    Why the MCU actually sucks

    Interested in people's opinion on Eternals I liked it, and the current audience score is quite high. It is quite different and definitely has flaws, namely being meandering, expositional, and having too many villains. But it's also very well made and does well introducing a diverse array of...
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    Tales of X Games

    So, Tales of Arise Definitely one of the longer tales games this far, clocking it at 75 hours on my first playthrough. Absolutely beautiful game throughout, the backgrounds are incredible, the character design is some of the best yet, the battles look stunning albeit a bit too particle-effecty...
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    Videogame thread

    Metroid Dread: Had a lot of fun with this one and I was excited to see the OG back in form. Overall it's an excellent game, if you like metroidvanias this an easy recommend. Compared to the recent games of the genre I've played however, I don't know that I'd rank it higher. It's pretty short on...
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    Individual Tour Playoffs - Opponent picking

    This could easily be fixed with having top 8 sending a blind rank choice vote to the host, where 1st just auto gets their first pick and then from there 2nd gets their first available top pick, and so on. Removes part of the sandbag issue. Have no opinion on the proposal tho, overall I actually...
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    Alec Baldwin

    What's really astounding is that they bother to use props at all still when literally everything is CGI and edited in post anyway. Like, he could have been holding a stick, no one would care. The mind boggles
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    Memes You Found Mk. 2

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    Durant and Moltres in BW RU

    I'd like to back up the point brought up earlier in the lack of experimentation in the tier too. Like 80% of the teams being loaded up are col, finch, and chillshadow teams. The usage stats for the tier for bwpl are pretty appaling, you have tier staples like emboar, escav, klink, arch, and jynx...
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    The Final Character [SPOILERS ITT]

    I mean his feet are big enough
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    The Bathhouse (21+ ONLY)

    Disappointed we didn't get this in the remake :( instead all we got was a dance number and rhythm quick time event, sigh
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    Memes You Found Mk. 2

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    ADV Beat Up Revealing Nicknames

    To note, this probably isn't as big a deal these days because our sim isn't quite as text reliant as shoddy or po (the hover text on the pokemon helps immensely to alleviate the following), but I remember a rather infamous discussion on this policy when reachzero won a tourney final almost...
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    Memes You Found Mk. 2

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    you only post once

    Where's the story about how they're your grandma's cookies and she always used to bring them to sunday functions but you actually always found them kind of bland so you spruced them up a bit by adding orange to the standard chocolate chip flair and now it's a huge hit and you never see people...
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    Memes You Found Mk. 2