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  1. Isza

    Announcement TOXAPEX IS NOW BANNED!

    :toxapex: :toxapex: :toxapex: :toxapex: :toxapex: As the thread title says, the National Dex Monotype Council decided to ban Toxapex from the tier. Why Review Toxapex? People have complained about Toxapex's presence in the metagame due to its amazing defenses, access to Regenerator, and...
  2. Isza

    Project MWP III Team and Sets Dump Thread (NatDex Edition)

    Another Monotype Winter Premier has come and gone. Congratulations to the Circhester Centiskorchers! This thread is for any MWP participant who wants to share any of their successful teams, standards builds, and new tech that they cooked up during the tour. I'm definitely looking forward to...
  3. Isza

    ORAS OU To the Beginning

    With SUMO approaching in less then a month, I believe we should take a step back and reflect back on ORAS. Even though people have gave it slack, I believe it has been a very promising metagame, and was very enjoyable to play at least for me. Sure it has/had some bad qualities, but what hasn't...
  4. Isza

    Kingdom Hearts Discussion (WARNING SPOILERS!)

    I can't believe this was never made but KINGDOM HEARTS DISCUSSION THREAD! you may talk about anything Kingdom hearts related such as story line, Boss fights, characters, soundtrack ect. In addition share your thoughts on anything thay went on in the series, and what you think could happen in the...
  5. Isza

    What do you like to do after a loss?

    Today I played a tournament game that I really needed to win to question my ability as a player and something I just really wanted to win. I ended up losing 2-0 and I felt really bad, and suckish lol. Afterwards I went for a run and had some Tea and I felt a little bit better. And that...
  6. Isza

    What TV Shows do you like?

    Hey all! as a fan of Modern day Television, I'm interested into what shows you like and why you like them. Everyone has a different preference in what they like to watch and I think it would be interesting to hear. I'll start. A show I enjoy (Just premiered yesterday as a matter of fact) is...