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    I had typed out a fairly long intro but Smogon logged me out and I could not feel less like typing so umm just enjoy the drawing (Sorry there's only one atm I actually just drew that Lapras today right after I decided to make a thread) and I'll tell you the origins of it and this thread...
  2. Super Meat Boy

    Anyone playing this amazing game? I'm actually pretty good at it and I've gotten as high as third on the leaderboards on a few levels. I also wanted to say that Teh Internets levels are ridiculously hard especially the last one, its the only one I cant beat X.X
  3. I don't get no regard No regard at all

    Super Tiny Foreward I really loved playing Advance, and once D/P came out I stayed far away from it for a long time because my thinking was "Rofl how can anyone possibly counter all these threats when you can't even be sure you outspeed something thanks to CS" and other nonsense like that...