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  1. Kyubics


    [OVERVIEW] - Both Crucibelle and Mega Crucibelle posses extremely powerful STAB moves in Gunk Shot and Head Smash - They also have great abilities which deal with the downside of using Head Smash - the recoil - Both forms have a very useful speed tier, outspeeding the very common base 95, 100...
  2. Kyubics

    CAP Doubles Discussion Thread

    Approved by HeaLnDeaL Artwork stolen from this thread which stole it from this thread CAP Doubles Discussion Thread Since this format will be included in the upcoming CAPTT3 and many people have expressed an interest it it, this thread is now open to discuss the Gen 7 CAP Doubles Metagame...
  3. Kyubics

    Zygarde [QC: 2/3] (Written)

    [OVERVIEW] Zygarde's main niche stems from its signature move, Thousand Arrows, which is a Ground-type move that also hits Flying or Levitating Pokemon. Thousand Arrows is very easy to spam, and having few resists and no immunities means that it compresses coverage and can easily be run as a...
  4. Kyubics

    Voodoom [QC: 2/3] (Written)

    [OVERVIEW] Voodoom's main niche in the tier is breaking through teams with its good offensive STAB combination and access to a powerful boosting move. Its Dark/Fighting typing lets it hit a lot of the metagame for neutral damage while it has access to useful coverage options such as Psychic...
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    Core Laddering Challenge - CAP Edition [ON HOLD]

    Approved by HeaLnDeaL Core Laddering Challenge ~ CAP Edition ~ Welcome to the first ever CAP Core Laddering Challenge! Each week, the aim is to ladder as high as you can, scoring points depending on how high you get and where you place compared to everyone else. However, there's a catch...
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    CAP Generation 7 Kickoff Tournament [Won by DarkSlay]

    Approved by HeaLnDeaL in this thread OP stolen from inspired by the Generation 6 Farewell CAP Tour Hi everyone and welcome to the first CAP Tournament of Gen 7, the CAP Generation 7 Kickoff Tournament! Gen 7 is now well underway and it's about time for everyone to get stuck in and show off...