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  1. Cratersmash

    Pet Mod Super Smash Stereotypes (Slate 12: Fire/Electric, Ice/Dragon and Rock/Psychic)

    Fire/Electric:Regieleki-Saboteur(MMM),Magmar(Random Pool 0),Magmovire(FEOU) Ice/Dragon:Aurontrum(Fossil Mashup),Kyurem-White(Ubermons),Karazhan(GPT2mons) Rock/Psychic:Noze-Dawn-Wings(FEUU),Lunatone(Miasmons),Spacegodzilla(CCEX)
  2. Cratersmash

    Pet Mod Fusion Evolution Rarely Used | Slate 6 - Voting | Not open for Submissions!

    :swsh/venusaur::swsh/carbink: Poison/Fairy Mixed WallDNA Donors/ Parents: Venusaur / Carbink Offspring Name: Venubink New Types: Base Stats: 65 / 66 / 116 / 95 / 125 / 65 [BST: 532] (+0 HP / +0 Atk / +0 Def / +20 SpA / +0 SpD / +0 Spe) New Ability: Clear Growth = (Overgrow + Clear Body) Ability...
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    OMotM Nominations Archive

    Revelationmons,Tier Shift
  4. Cratersmash

    Your Evil Team

    Please do
  5. Cratersmash

    Project OU Break This Core! - Round 14: Galarian Zapods + Regieleki

    Zeraora :ss/zeraora: Zeraora @ Heavy-Duty Boots Jolly Nature Ability: Volt Absorb EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe - Bulk Up - Plasma Fists - Knock Off - Close Combat Zeraora comes in with HDB,which makes hazard support a non-issue.It can switch in on Regieleki freely due to Volt Absorb,and uses...
  6. Cratersmash

    Smogon Simple Questions & Suggestions Thread

    Would it be possible to get the models for the newer Gmax forms implemented into the method where you go :ss/pokemon:?The minisprites are implemented into the :pokemon: feature,but the models aren't.The ones I've found don't work are: :ss/urshifu-gmax: :ss/urshifu-rapid-strike-gmax...
  7. Cratersmash

    Your Evil Team

    Team Tri-Attack Grunts use fire,Electric,and Ice types,alongside pokemon that can learn Tri-Attack,like Porygon. 3 Admins,each specializing in one of the three types above,with a triple battle against all three of them in the endgame. I am obviously the evil team leader,and use the three...
  8. Cratersmash

    Pet Mod Super Smash Stereotypes (Slate 12: Fire/Electric, Ice/Dragon and Rock/Psychic)

    :ss/magmar: Pokemon:Magmar(no Eviolite/Everstone) Mod of Origin:Random Pool 0 Ability:Flame Body/Static(Adaptability) Type:Fire/Electric Stats:65/101/75/101/75/95 Notable Moves:Thunderbolt,Thunder,Volt Switch,Flamethrower,Fire Blast,Lava Plume,Overheat,Will-O-Wisp,Substitute,Focus Blast Full...
  9. Cratersmash

    Pet Mod MicroMetaMafia (Night 2)

    earl If we vote earl out,then the passive "Smite" ability deactivates,allowing paul to live.In addition,if we vote zxg out next time,then we are forced to start a new round because both hosts are dead.Genius!
  10. Cratersmash

    Pet Mod Fusion Evolution Rarely Used | Slate 6 - Voting | Not open for Submissions!

    Yes but reworked(less bulk,more SpAtk) Yes but reworked(RegenKS!RegenKS!) No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Abstain No No No No Yes No No Yes No Yes No Abstain No
  11. Cratersmash

    Project Metagame Workshop

    This does exist
  12. Cratersmash

    Pet Mod MicroMetaMafia (Night 2)

    :ss/weezing-galar: Name Of The Pokemon:Weezing-Galar Roles:Set-Up Sweeper(Bulk Up),Offensive Spikes Setter Type:Poison/Ground Abilities:Neutralizing Gas Stats:75/105/90/60/60/85 Movepool Additions:Poison Jab,Earthquake,Spikes,Thunder Punch,Bulk Up Movepool Removals:Fairy moves...
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    Pet Mod Brokenmons Unchained Mk II

  14. Cratersmash

    Pet Mod Brokenmons Unchained Mk II

    Revised my votes.Doesn't fix the Machop tie though.
  15. Cratersmash

    Pet Mod Branched Potential v2: Legendaries Slate! (Silvally, Naganadel, Melmetal)

    :ss/dragonite::sm/dragonite::xy/Dragonite: Name:Dragoterra(Dragon+Terra,Latin for earth) Typing:Dragon/Ground Height:1.2 m Weight:210 kg Abilities:Shed Skin(Inner Focus) Stats:91/104/95/133/112/65 New Moves:Earthquake,High Horsepower,Earth Power,Rock Slide,Meteor Beam Removed...
  16. Cratersmash

    Pet Mod MicroMetaMafia (Night 2)

    Physical:Nateboomer,Cratersmash Special:Nateboomer I'm voting for Glitzer Popping Miltank and you can't stop me!
  17. Cratersmash

    Project SS RU Teambuilding Lab V1 (open)

    I would like to request a double Normal type team.Normal spam I guess.Basic premise is to wear down shared answers that don't have recovery*cough cough*Steels*cough cough*.Any two are fine but PZ being one of them is preferred if possible.
  18. Cratersmash

    Resource SS OU Role Compendium

    Gapdos and Kyurem are not listed under Choice Scarf,which I think they should be since they're pretty decent with Scarf.
  19. Cratersmash

    Pet Mod MicroMetaMafia (Night 2)

    Abstain Reasoning::smogduck:what happened here? Moretto