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  1. 100%GXE

    SS OU Is Slowking G, OP? (92.1 GXE)

    Introduction: Currently OU is just pivot spam and a bunch of offensive play so I wanted to build a team that would do well vs most of that stuff. I also wanted to use Slowking G, because it's my fav new mon this generation, and one that I think is pretty good in OU. The tier feels like it is a...
  2. 100%GXE

    SS UU Bad SS UU Stall (Peak 1756 on ladd)

    SS UU Stall Sup everyone, figured I would release a quick RMT of a team I've been having fun with recently. UU is super fast paced rn, so it hasn't really been conducive to stalling at all. I decided I'd give it a shot and I ended up making a pretty bad team that tends to do somewhat decently...
  3. 100%GXE

    SS Ubers Dracovish Ubers (Peak #1)

    Gen 8 Ubers After playing Ubers this gen for a little while, I wanted to share some thoughts I had about the metagame, as well as post one team I have been having fun with. Ubers took a very apparent hit this generation, with the tier only possessing 7 Ubers (2 of those being Gothitelle and...
  4. 100%GXE

    SS OU 30-0 Hatterene+THICC Stuffz 87.7 GXE 12th on ladder

    GEN 8 STALL-ish Hey peeps, I just wanted to post a team for anyone looking to use thick stuff that can perform somewhat decently on ladder rn. My goal was to get to 30-0, so once I did I figured might as well call it quits lol. I really just wanted to use fat stuff...
  5. 100%GXE

    SM NU SM NU Hail (Peak #2 on ladder)

    Introduction Hello poke dudes and dudettes, I have yet to make an RMT this gen so figured I'd give one a try. NU ladder is pretty stagnant right now, so climbing it isn't all that difficult, but I had fun using this team anyhow. Hail is far more common in PU than NU in the current metas, but...