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  1. Chadlad50

    Favorite Pokemon Picker

    There's this website,, where you can pick Pokemon that are your favorites or just ones you like. Eventually it'll start to narrow down your favorites and list them. I thought it was pretty fun, here are my top 24: The top 6 are the only ones I was...
  2. Chadlad50

    Pokemon Evolutions that disappointed you?

    A simple thread idea that might've been done before. What is a Pokemon line who's evolution only made it worse, or wasn't as good as you were hoping? For me, it's these evolutions. :sm/crabrawler: --> :sm/crabominable: WHY. Why did they do this? They took such a charming design and ruined it...
  3. Chadlad50

    What is your favorite Gen 8 Pokemon?

    There's another thread talking about what your least favorite Gen 8 Pokemon are, and while I've had fun shitting on Greedent, I think I need some more positivity in my life, so how about we talk about our favorites? If this thread hasn't been made already of course Time to immediately tarnish...
  4. Chadlad50

    How would you buff your favorite Pokemon or make it competitively viable?

    A lot of us have a favorite Pokemon that tends to...well, suck in competitive. Not all Pokemon need to be good, and it doesn't matter if you Pokemon you love is good or bad in competitive, all that matters is what it means to you. But as someone who plays competitive, I'm constantly thinking...
  5. Chadlad50

    Favorite Pokedex Entry?

    This is probably a thread that's been done before but I'm new here and also have no idea how to search for old threads yet so forgive me if this a double-post Anyway, I'll start things off with my favorite Dex entry: Drampa :sm/Drampa: "If a child it has made friends with is bullied, Drampa...
  6. Chadlad50

    SS OU RMT: Attempt at creating a team featuring Dragapult and Hawlucha

    I like Pokemon, but more specifically, I love Dragapult. As someone introduced to the series through Gen 8 he's one of my favorites, so I try to include him in as many of my teams as I can. Another one that's risen up to be one of my favorites is Hawlucha. I decided to try my hand at creating an...