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  1. Magical Magmortar

    Octillery (QC 1/3)

    Octopus [Overview] mostly outclassed by other waters like gorebyss, seismitoad, etc. great offenses, sitting at 105 useful coverage like ice beam, energy ball, and even fire blast ok typing means two weaknesses kind of bulky works best on offense or balanced teams [SET] name: Choice Specs...
  2. Magical Magmortar

    Toxicroak (Taken Over) (QC 3/3) (GP 2/2)

    (taken over from noobcubed) [Overview] <p>Toxicroak is yet another one of those Fake Out-using Fighting-types, and with Pokemon such as Hitmontop, Scrafty, and Hariyama running around the metagame, you might question what it has to stand out from the competition. The answer lies in its ability...
  3. Magical Magmortar

    Maractus (Revamp) (QC 3/3) (GP 2/2)

    Taking over from クレセリア and I copied most of his skeleton Note: This is not the set クレセリア posted. [Overview] Access to Spikes. Outclassed by Cacturne, but has a niche in being the only Spikes user with Bullet Seed because Bullet Seed is only legal with Sand Veil A good Sun Supporter. Maractus...
  4. Magical Magmortar

    Gigalith (Revamp) (QC 3/3) (GP 2/2)

    Explode! [Overview] Custap Lead that sets up Stealth Rock then hits with an attack Stronger Explosion and Rock Blast than Golem; however, Golem has STAB on Earthquake, making it a better choice most of the time Mono rock typing makes it outclassed offensively by Golem and defensively by...
  5. Magical Magmortar

    Whatever Floats Your Goat (Peaked at #93)

    Whatever Floats Your Goat (Peaked at #93) Peak: Magical Magmortar's comments are in orange Astral Spirit's comments will be in blue Ok so this team is built around Banded Cobalion which is super underrated! The team managed to peak at #93 so here is Whatever Floats Your Goat! (lol bad...
  6. Magical Magmortar

    [Doubles] Porygon2 (QC 1/3)

    [Overview] Trace is great for copying abilities however it is very situational Great Answer to Intimidate Great bulk with Eviolite Good movepool Trick Room Great synergy with other Trick Room setters Outclassed by Cresselia as defensive duck Weak to Fighting-type which is common [SET] name...