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  1. Ahmad Alfatih

    SM LC El Baile de La Gambeta

    Abra always been one of the elite mons in LC, one of the most hated and some even claim it is ban worthy like my boy Shrug. Over time people find ways to deal with this titan either by trapping with dig or pursuit and fast voltswitch, which made me want to abuse people choices with Abra +...
  2. Ahmad Alfatih

    XY LC Wet Powerhouse, No Rain No Gain

    INTRODUCTION: Hello Smogon, Its me Brazilian Army, the LC community Web dude doing my first ORAS RMT, this time i decided to prove people a point and start building to prove that rain is a very good playstyle in this meta, first off I have been using shit rain teams on every singles meta I...
  3. Ahmad Alfatih

    XY LC Halloween Party

    Introduction Hey Frens J, Its me Brazilian Army, back on RMT with a cancer idea, reborn LC Stall with a Halloween special version, for the stall haters, and the ones who plays LC because it is aggressive, be prepared because Stall is viable and as annoying as in any other tiers you have ever...
  4. Ahmad Alfatih

    XY LC ElectricWeb Army(A Playstyle Tutorial)

    Introduction Hey Frens J, Its me Brazilian Army, first time on RMT with a core that make me to top 10 twice in LC and is a really really REALLY effective way of using web offense, that core is Surkist + Elekid, a really underrated core that pressure near the entire meta offensivelly if you give...
  5. Ahmad Alfatih

    XY UU The New Era Of Stall

    Hey Buddies, this is my first RMT and it will be on UU tier, and playing the best and annoying playing style ever "Stall".so lets begin Mew @ Leftovers Ability: Synchronize EVs: 252 HP / 136 SpD / 120 Spe Jolly Nature - Taunt - Will-O-Wisp - Knock Off - Soft-Boiled I am basically a mew fan...