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  1. Hugo47850

    Tournament Doubles World Cup II - Signups

    PLAYER NAME: Hugo47850 on smogon and Hugo The Herdier or anything shortend to HTH on PS REGION: Europe CAPTAIN?: if no one else wants im up for it OTHER ELIGIBILITY: no COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE: The Netherlands
  2. Hugo47850

    mabye something for you?

    mabye something for you?
  3. Hugo47850

    SS DOU - Kartana Voting

    Kartana: Do Not Ban
  4. Hugo47850

    SS DOU Suspect Test 8 - Voter Identification Thread (READ THE OP!)

    Didn't do to well I was going something like 27 and 1 but then I tilted after getting haxed 2 games in a row so now I have my excuse for why I didn't do to hot but alas we are here
  5. Hugo47850

    Sorry I was AFK when you asked to play but im down to play just hit me up when you have some...

    Sorry I was AFK when you asked to play but im down to play just hit me up when you have some time if you are still down
  6. Hugo47850

    SS DOU - Urshifu-R Voting

    Urshifu-R: Do Not Ban
  7. Hugo47850

    Metagame np: SS DOU Stage 7: Waterloo | Urshifu-R Remains DOU

    For me Urshifu is a bit on the edge of being broken and being not. Urshifu has a good attack stat of 130 with good defence of 100 and the same goes for HP and it has one of the best moves in the game with surging strikes wich makes it for sure an top mon in terms of DOU but I think all of this...
  8. Hugo47850

    SS DOU Suspect Test 7 - Voter Identification Thread (READ THE OP!)

    confirming as DOUWA Chef I had a really good run till 28-0 and after that my run was a little less good
  9. Hugo47850

    Tournament Doubles UU Ladder Tournament - $50 Grand Prize - Won by SMB

    I read the rules but I just made my account and played 4 games on it I saw it needed to be clean but I made it today idk if that excuses it or that I need to make a new account? I wanted to test some stuff on the ladder and I thought I would register that account to see how far it could come...
  10. Hugo47850

    SS DOU - Shadow Tag Voting

    Shadow Tag: Remain Banned
  11. Hugo47850

    Tournament Smogon VGC 2021 Major - Confirmation Signups ($1150 in Prizing)

    Battlefy username: Hugo The Herdier Pokemon Showdown username: Hugo The Herdier Discord username: 2Pak#9763
  12. Hugo47850

    New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

    I would like to change my name to Hugo since it hasn't been used by the account wich is now named Hugo for about 8 years or so ( and the name Hugo47850 is pretty generic and I ofcourse I relate more to my normal name then my name with some...
  13. Hugo47850

    Thanks man

    Thanks man
  14. Hugo47850

    DOU Doubles Ladder Tournament [Won by The_Bandit]

    DLTXS HTH I read the rules.
  15. Hugo47850

    Project Doubles OU Ladder Achievements

    Achievement: Underrated and Super Underrated Achievement: Where He At Doe Achievement: You leave me with no choice