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  1. Smogon Tournament #5 - Round 4

    Zak won in a pretty close game.
  2. Smogon Tournament #5 - Round 4

    =/ I'll be on tomorrow and the next day. I'll look for you on AIM zak.
  3. np: UU - Six Deadly Suspects

    I have a question. Are we allowed to nominate new suspects from UU? It seems as if Shaymin and others have taken over in UU, and bulky waters and Clefable are much more of a probelm now, so that they might actually fit the defensive defination. Are we going to revulate UU and add new suspects or...
  4. Smogon Tournament #5 - Round 4

    got a PM, hopefully we will play some time this weekend
  5. Hey, A Baton Pass Team!

    I'm afraid I don't understand your team at all. Why are you not passing speed boosts? That is the reason BP can even function well. You need to find something that can Agility or is named Ninjask for this team because otherwise, this team will not do very well at all. The EV spreads you got from...
  6. German teenager kills sixteen

    However you forgot this part of the second admendment. And besides a militla is a citizen army, not a professional one. Where I live this is (kind of) true and where you may live it might be true, but its not the same everywhere. In Texas for example, you can use lethal force to get somebody...
  7. Partner Mafia - Signups

    random random
  8. Partner Mafia - Signups

  9. Pass the Trash - Signups

    i'll try this out
  10. Smogon Tournament #5 - Round 3

    Won against Philip with lots of help from haxs.
  11. Smogon Tournament #5 - Round 3

    Responded to Philip's PM.
  12. Favorite Sports

    I am a field hockey player, so I like that sport alot, and I love watching american football.
  13. Baton Pass Stall

    I second Will-o-Wisp on this team, and its not because of Steels or anything else. DD Salamence is a huge threat to any Baton Pass team, but this team especially, as you have no real way to stop it from setting up and killing your entire team with Outrage. My answer to this is Flame Orb Lopunny...
  14. DPP Trick Room Guide Here you go. Porygon 2 should have Magic Coat as an option, because it is a great move. Muk can be mentioned under sweepers. Also, I would never try to set up SDs in TR, your time is too low already. My solution is to...
  15. An Offensive Uber RMT

    One reccomendation that I would make is to use Lum Berry on Dialaga, as Darkari is going to be extremely hard for this team to take down, especially as a lead. Also, I would suggest CB Scizor, as a Scizor with Swords Dance is too much of a liability in Ubers. Those are a few quick fixes I can...
  16. Smogon Tournament #5 - Round 2

    I beat SoT in a very haxy game for both players.
  17. Smogon Tournament #5 - Round 2

    I've been trying to get in touch with SoT on AIM, so we will see!
  18. np: UU - The Brave and the Bold (Nominations) (TOO LATE)

    I would also add Staraptor to the list, based on the offensive characteristic. It's massive base 120 Attack and great base 100 Speed makes it one of the best Scarfers in UU. Staraptor uses the massive power of Brave Bird and Close Combat, along with Return, to break even some of the toughest...