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  1. Pinkin Lark

    XY OU Scrubbing it up in OU

    Greetings! I am A Random Scrub. When I first started playing on Showdown, I refused to touch the OU tier, not wanting to deal with things such as Talonflame, Greninja, and the like. And after a time of playing in RU and UU, I got bored and threw together an OU team with little knowledge of the...
  2. Pinkin Lark

    XY UU Scrub's First RMT

    Greetings! I am A Random Scrub, and the name kind of says it all. After a long stint playing in RU, I finally got fed up with the constant Fake Out Ambipoms and the double Regenerator Toxic stall and decided to jump back into UU for a breath of fresh air. I've had decent success so far...