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  1. Matt


    This is a discussion thread for all things Tyranitar-related. Some potential topics of discussion: How do you play around opposing weather while using Tyranitar? What attacks should you EV your Tyranitar to survive? Who are the best teammates for Tyranitar? Anything else you want to say about...
  2. Matt

    Smogon's support for 2v2

    2v2 was all but ignored in Advance, and I feel as if that was a pretty big loss for the generation and the site. As a competitive Pokemon resource, Smogon really shouldn't be overlooking such a major mode in the game. The problem last generation was lack of interest, but if Smogon showed support...
  3. Matt

    How long will this take?

    Over nine thou... No, it'll be what, a minute? Why would it take very long?