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  1. Snoms

    Other Metagames When You're Gone [200th post!]

    Hello! I have experimented with a lot of teams this generation, and I finally found one that stuck. The Thought Process: :gothitelle: I wanted a pokemon that can destroy bulky walls, and Gothitelle was the best option, due to its decent bulk and Shadow Tag. :gothitelle: :zekrom: I had to...
  2. Snoms

    Smogoff plays Pokemon Red

    So uh. I was looking for emulators the other day and I found one online of Pokemon Red and Blue. Unlike my previous thread; I will do my best to honor each request; make sure to ping me on Discord if I don't. Currently we have an option of Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle. How this will...
  3. Snoms


    The task is simple. Every post should ratio each other in likes. If this post gets 1 like, the other should get 2, then the next should get 3, and so-on and so-on. I will edit the thread if we don't get a ratio. Good luck!
  4. Snoms

    Crashing the Like economy

    I will like 5 of your posts if you like this thread. Then on a random date, I will unlike it.
  5. Snoms

    How much crimes has Peter Griffin commited? Season I

    i decided that instead of doing a low-effort, bad, unfunny shitpost which gives no substance to anything or anyone, i am gonna do a HIGH-effort bad unfunny shitpost. i don't even like family guy. why am i doing this. Every crime will be held accountable by the Rhode Island, and therefore...
  6. Snoms

    Smogoff plays 2048!

    Each post will have 20 directions, for example, R-U-L would move the tiles Right, Up and Left. This thread will be locked once we reach 2048. Good luck, have fun!
  7. Snoms

    Change my profile picture for a week

    name says it all i guess the first 5 to post will get to choose one and I’ll put it up to the vote
  8. Snoms

    help find this man a tutor

    For just 2 dollars a day, we could find this man, a tutor, that has power dynamics and is NOT a woman, (we hate those here) This aspiring trainer will someday be the best mons player in all of the universe because he does NOT like WOMEN. Donate today at: today...
  9. Snoms

    @i make bad smogoff posts

  10. Snoms

    Mew Suspect Test (RBY)

    Hello. We just got introduced to this game named "Pokehmoms?" and we have decided here at the Smogon University, to suspect test Mew! Ever since Smogon opened it's doors a few months ago, we have opened up a tier system that will totally not backfire at us a few gens later! And we have decided...
  11. Snoms

    BW Speculation Thread

    Hello. We are not too far away from the release Black and White coming out later this year. With it being given an official release date of September 18th! With it, OU will be having a massive shift. This is a thread to speculate on the up and coming metagame, with the information we currently...
  12. Snoms

    exact same joke

    exact same joke
  13. Snoms

    Bless A Curse

    Inspired by Format is as goes, curse someone with a punishment, then make the punishment happy, I'll start. Drowning.
  14. Snoms

    funny pun!!11!

    what does banana say to apple nothing an appl cant talk
  15. Snoms

    The Smogoff Prefix Tier list

    S tier list no one asked for F stupid pun just a website basically every post is the same joke thank you for reading my totally accurate tier list this is i eat snoms_42069x_x_X_X
  16. Snoms
  17. Snoms

    Other Metagames Primskarm 1v1.

    I have tested this team a lot, and it seems pretty solid. :skarmory: :Haxorus: :Primarina: I ACCIDENTALLY POSTED THIS IN THE START ILL EDIT THE LAST MON :skarmory: Skarmory @ Choice Band Ability: Sturdy EVs: 32 HP / 220 Atk / 80 Def / 176 Spe Adamant Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Iron Head - Counter -...
  18. Snoms

    The ANTS tier list. <---- inspired by this In the most friendly and welcome community AG, we have tours featuring the world famous ant, we know how hard it is to build for ANTS, so we made a tier list, so you can know the walls of the tier. S+: Antar...
  19. Snoms

    Top 10 pokemon depending on how much toyota corrolas can it fit in it.

    0. Flabebe: 69 1. Oddish: 210 2. Rattata: 202 3. Torchic: 393 4. Snom: 190 5. Magnemite: 188 6. Corsola: 329 7. Flabebe: 469 Thank you for reading.