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  1. Joyverse

    Muk-Alola (QC 0/3)

    A toxic mon's analysis by a toxic user. [OVERVIEW] * Muk-Alola's solid defensive typing makes it a worthy fit in teams that require an emergency stop to the likes of Lunala, and Mega Gengar; while checking Yveltal, Arceus-Dark, and Arceus-Fairy. Combined with an Assault Vest, it can provide a...
  2. Joyverse

    Tournament UGTT III (Ubers Generations Team Tournament III) - Won by UbersFrenchGang Haters!

    Approved by Nayrz Artwork by Juicy Fruit OP by TonyFlygon Stuff stolen from dream Hello and welcome to the third edition of the Ubers Generations Team Tournament (or UGTT III for short)! With UPL now over, it's time for a new Ubers tour! This edition will also be co-hosted by Serial...
  3. Joyverse

    Arceus-Ghost [QC 0/3]

    [OVERVIEW] * With access to a 120 BP physical Ghost-type move and a setup move in Swords Dance. Arceus-Ghost is by far one the most fearsome sweepers in this tier. This combined with Ghostium-Z can wreak havoc with a 190 BP Never-Ending Nightmare. * With its decent natural bulk, it can block...
  4. Joyverse

    Arceus-Ground [QC 0/3]

    [OVERVIEW] * With base 120 stats all over the board and an expansive movepool enables it to have several possible sets making it a versatile presence in the metagame. It's speed tier makes it one of the fastest threats in this otherwise slow metagame. Solid Ground-typing lets it check and take...
  5. Joyverse

    SM Ubers The Dreaded Circus (Peaked #31 at 1720 ELO)

    THE DREADED CIRCUS Hello everyone! Welcome to the circus! This is my first RMT here at Smogon. I have been playing on PS! for a while now, lurking about in the Ubers room and the ladder. This here, is a team that has helped me reach the 31st spot on the current Ubers ladder and I consider this...