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  1. Rejected Have "Mute sounds" checked by default

    Can we please have PS default to "Mute sounds"? Anytime you open up a match on your phone (for example, someone tags you when a highlight tour game starts) you have to try to race your phone and mute the sounds before the battle loads and starts blaring the annoying music. I would be willing...
  2. Click here to watch a video of me singing the pokemon theme song

    So my brother (who loves pokemon and music like I do) is turning 8 in a few days so I am planning to play this song for him as one of my gifts. I figured while i was learning it i'd take a quick video and post to smogon for the lols.
  3. My Music (Former American Idol Contestant)

    couple years old have full time job so music is just a hobby now. hope you enjoy - SD Skarmory
  4. ORAS NU Gatr Hyper Offence : TOP 50 on the Ladder - ONLY 2 LOSSES

    I'm not good with computers so unfortunately this won't have any fancy pictures, gifs, etc. Intro: I'm a brand new player to the NU tier. In fact, it was only 5 days before I reached #50 on the ladder with this team that I played my first game of NU ever. I am making this RMT because I feel...