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  1. scizor64

    Shadow Tag! Your IT! (A BW 2 OU Team)

    Hello fellow members of Smogon. Today I bring you a team me and my friend LogicError came up with together. Its a balanced offensive team centered around the newly released shadow tag Gothitelle, a Pokemon capable of effectively "Trapping" foes and eliminating them so that other sweepers can...
  2. scizor64

    Zapdos The Incredible

    Introduction: Zapdos is a very pleasing Pokemon both aesthetically and competitively. Whether it’s being used from an offensive or defensive standpoint, Zapdos brings many unique qualities to the game just from its typing and excellent movepool coverage. Knowing this, I decided to get back into...
  3. scizor64

    An OU RMT: Rain Bird

    Introduction Rain Bird is an offensive rain based team which I built to counter or check most of the metagame. It centers around clearing scizor's counters so that scizor can get in a swords dance and sweep. Ive never been good with introductions so without more waiting here is the team...