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  1. BoXeD

    ORAS OU Retribution (ORAS OU Hyper Offense)

    Hi there, a complete scrub here, I thought i would try and build a team after 3/4 of a year without playing OU or any competitive pokemon. I personally love all of the pokemon on this, im open to any criticism towards the pokemon on this team! Teambuilding Process: First, I started with this...
  2. BoXeD

    [2015] Greninja [QC 0/3]

    Overview ######## Greninja is an overall balanced pokemon, having great offensive stats in the form of 95/103/122, it can be used as a variety of things, like spikes setter, an all out life orb attacker. For Greninja's Niches, it varies depending on the team, it could either be a late game...
  3. BoXeD

    ORAS OU 'Coming For You' Mega Latios + Chesnaught Offense

    Now, Welcome To My RMT. This Is Something I've Wanted To Try Since Mega-Latios Was Released. BOLD = Changes (Not Changing Mega Latios and Chesnaught Will Change Sets, Not changing The Pokemon In General) Now Comes The Core I Chose, Mega Latios Supports Chesnaught And Chesnaught Supports...
  4. BoXeD

    ORAS Ubers 2nd RMT, Different Tier. (Stallish Ubers Team that you should hate)

    The stall of shittiness Jirachi @ Leftovers Ability: Serene Grace EVs: 248 HP / 228 SpD / 32 Spe Careful Nature - Substitute - Toxic - Stealth Rock - Iron Head Now comes the most adorable addition to my team, 'Rachi comes in as my Sub-Toxic Stealth Rocker, im missing a...
  5. BoXeD

    ORAS OU RMT? Gothidos Bulky Offensive Core, But With More Cancer

    Small Preview Of The Cancer To Come. (repeats under sets as my summary of the pokemon) - Now not my first addition to the team, its an important one, its a Sp.def Tran with an Air Balloon, its main purpose is a stealth rocker, but the secondary purpose is more of a M-Sableye counter. Carrying...