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  1. Shyom

    Landorus-T [QC 0/3]

    [OVERVIEW] Landorus-T, an outstanding Pokemon in the 1v1 metagame, having great offensive presence, exceptional bulk, and decent speed, capable of beating common Pokemon such as Magearna and Zeraora Its Ground / Flying typing allows it to be immune to two types quite common in the metagame...
  2. Shyom

    1v1 Hoopa-Unbound

    [OVERVIEW] Hoopa-U is a premier Dark / Psychic Pokemon of 1v1, with only two weaknesses to Fairy and Bug and an immunity to Psychic, and is gifted with amazing offensive stats and coverage moves. Because of its high offensive stats, Hoopa-U can run physical, special, and mixed sets, leaving the...
  3. Shyom

    Project Community Create-A-Team

    Approved by Quote, co-hosted with Krytocon Community Create-A-Team Welcome to Community Create-A-Team, shortly known as CCAT, where we, the community, try our bests at creating a coherent and cohesive 1v1 team. But before we get started, we have to establish some rules: Keep shitposting to a...
  4. Shyom

    Other Metagames [1v1] First RMT

    M Y F I R S T R M T Don't hurt me pls - Shyom H e l l o Welcome to the my First RMT. This team right here has taken me through the ladder and has given me big success. But how did I build this team? I just bullshitted it T E A M B U I L D I N G P R O C E S S: First, I started with...