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  1. Togkey

    SS NU Suspect Process - Stage 10

    Indeedee-Male: Do Not Unban
  2. Togkey

    Alright well I’ll try to keep an eye on forums then, lmk when you’re available today

    Alright well I’ll try to keep an eye on forums then, lmk when you’re available today
  3. Togkey

    what's your timezone?

    what's your timezone?
  4. Togkey

    Tournament NeverUsed Snake Draft II: Week 1

    won vs Monai, gg Replay
  5. Togkey

    when for BDSP OU tour?

    when for BDSP OU tour?
  6. Togkey

    Resource SS NU Reservation Index

    Requesting Quagsire rabia: sure
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  8. Togkey

    Metagame NP: NU Stage 10 - Let It Snow! [Indeedee-M Suspect Test, Snow Warning Unbanned, Arctovish Banned]

    While I do think Indeedee-M sounds broken on paper, I do enjoy the prospect of shaking up the metagame, although the reintroduction of Snow Warning into the tier will do that plenty on its own. Indeedee-M (which I will shorten to NDDM from now on) already has the amazing strength mentioned in...
  9. Togkey

    Tournament Tours Plaza Ghosting Tour II - Round 3

    Team name: TogCord Inc. Starring: daniYSB, skierdude101, Phantomistix, and myself
  10. Togkey

    Tournament NeverUsed Snake Draft II Sign-Ups

    Togkey SS, SM, XY, BW, DPP, ADV -4
  11. Togkey

    OM SS ZU Suspect Test - Rotom Voting

    Rotom: Do Not Ban
  12. Togkey

    Metagame NP: NU Stage 9 - Fat Bottomed Girls [Snorlax unbanned -- see post 18]

    NU is becoming the Herptiles tier. I've often found myself building around the lizards, turtles, and frogs of the tier, usually in conjunction with each other. I feel they've become increasingly better as the metagame develops and I'm going to explain why I feel this way. :Heliolisk...
  13. Togkey

    Resource SS NU Viability Ranking Thread

    Trying to not make an ugly wall of text, here's some changes I think should be made to the current VR; :Tsareena: :Salazzle: :Goodra: :Vileplume: :Diancie: * I may add to this in the future before the next VR update, but these were the main changes I wanted to mention.
  14. Togkey

    Tournament NU Team Tournament II Format Discussion [ DONE ]

    honestly have no qualms with how tours have operated in the past. RBY and GSC are not real and I don't care to play those or watch them be played but I understand others enjoy those formats so I see no reason to not include them.
  15. Togkey

    Project SS NU Battle of the Week - Week 20 (Voting)

    steve77s eternally Slice
  16. Togkey

    ty ty

    ty ty