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    Rotom-Wash (Revamp)

    [OVERVIEW] Generalize what the Pokemon does in the metagame and as a whole and why you should or shouldn't consider using it on your teams. See this thread for more tips. [SET] name: Offensive move 1: Hydro Pump move 2: Volt Switch move 3: Hidden Power Fire move 4: Defog item: Waterium Z...
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    Darmanitan (QC 2/3, writing)

    [OVERVIEW] Darmanitan's Sheer Force-boosted Flare Blitz and base 140 attack make it a powerful threat that can greatly pressure offensive teams. For some perspective on its sheer power, its Flare Blitz is enough to 2HKO even bulky walls such as Hippowdown without a boosting item, something...
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    [OVERVIEW] * Only Pokémon in the game with access to Aurora veil and snow warning. * Snow warning+ freeze-dry allows it to beat common Pokémon found on rain teams. * High speed. * Bad defensive typing * Weak to rocks, vunerable to spikes, toxic spikes and sticky web. [SET] Name: Aurora Veil...
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    Venusaur [QC 0/3]

    [OVERVIEW] * Its ability Chlorophyll means it is deadly in Sun because of its decent bulk, decent special attack and wide movepool coupled with extremely high speed * Has decent typing which allows it to check common waters and faries, but leaves it vulnerable to steels, fire types...
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    Dragonite (flying) [QC 0/3]

    [OVERVIEW] *Dragonite has a fantastic ability in multiscale which allows him to get much better switch in opportunities as well as easy dragon dances if he opens or comes in after a teammate has fainted. *Dragonite has a brilliant physical movepool outside of STABs (Fire punch, extreme speed...
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    [Overview] •Primal Kyogre's primordial sea ability allows it to cancel out Primal Groudon's desolate land as well as effectively making his fire type STABs redundant. •The effects of primordial sea are lifted if Primal Kyogre switches out or faints, allowing fire types of your own to sweep...