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  1. Eppie

    To the "moon" and back

    Giveaway is over!
  2. Eppie

    Valar Morghulis

    [Profile] [Next] Valar Morghulis Valar Dohaeris _________________________________________________ Thread information My Pokémon are not redistributable by anyone but me unless stated otherwise. Everything in this thread was bred, caught or RNG abused by me. You need a thread in order to...
  3. Eppie

    X/Y Cave (New: Shiny Trevenant / Shiny Aegislash)

    Pokemon X / Y __________________ (OT: Eppie) (ID: 28182) (Kalos) (Retail) Chesnaught Adamant - Bulletproof 31/31/31/xx/31/31 - Spikes | Synthesis | Curse | Growl - Stock: 4x Male. __________________ (OT: Eppie) (ID: 28182) (Kalos) (Retail) Mega Blastoise Modest - Mega Launcher (Torrent)...
  4. Eppie

    The Emerald Empire

    DONT POST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Banners by Shweelz Rules Don't redistribute my Pokémon. Don't trade me hacked Pokémon Be polite, patient and all that stuff. You need a thread to trade with me. Credits I owe Bitterlemon has 3 credits. Credits I have...