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  1. Hayburner

    LGPE OU Mega Beedrill

    [OVERVIEW] Mega Beedrill is one of the fastest Pokemon available, with the strongest U-turn in the tier. This enables it to easily wear down opposing switch-ins such as Melmetal and Rhydon while pivoting to other counterplay to set up a late-game win for itself or a teammate. Mega Beedrill...
  2. Hayburner

    Other Metagames LGPE Wish Killer

    Intro Smogon's user most likely to post inappropriate content is here with an RMT! So far this team has won a suspect tour, peaked #1 on ladder, and I used it in quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals of the LGPE OU release tour. The team won all 3 of those games. While I've made plenty of teams...
  3. Hayburner

    SM OU Broken baton pass team! xd

    Introduction This is a super hot team that I made to around 71 on the ladder with. Not great but solid. Anyway the team works super well considering I just built it for fun and baton pass is broken. Teambuilding Process I chose volbeat because of tail glow passing, which is the focus of the...
  4. Hayburner

    SM OU RIP Talonflame

    BIRDS **So I've seen quite a few people making bird spam and decided to make my own. Threw some stuff together then made it to around 1800 in less than an hour so thought I might share ** Teambuilding Process **Started with mega pinsir because I planned the team to be some sort of hyper...