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  1. raf

    Doubles DLC2 Crown Tundra Speculation Thread [SPOILERS]

    Ideas taken from Ubers, OU , and UU speculation threads. WARNING: This thread will contain spoilers. Information about DLC2 Crown Tundra will be disclosed and if you do not wish to know this information prior to release, then please do not proceed. An announcement on Tuesday this week finally...
  2. raf

    Porygon-Z [QC 1/2] Written

    [OVERVIEW] Porygon-Z boasts a massive Special Attack stat and access to various coverage moves. It is in an average speed tier but it makes up for this with the use of Z-Conversion. This move also boosts its rather poor defenses allowing it to avoid some knockouts but it still remains fragile...
  3. raf

    ORAS Doubles OU Trick Room Offense.

    Hello everyone! Welcome to my first ever post on these forums. I've been in love with doubles ever since i started with Fire Red and its been a fun ride. Started playing competitive only at the start of this year and its been awesome! Messing around with some teams and one day I learned about...