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  1. jidan

    [W.I.P] Trevenant

    Alexwolf gives me the licence to post this analysis though he was reserved this pokemon. Pokedex Number - # 709 [Pros] <ul> <li>Great coverage and movepool to attack and/or annoy the opponent.</li> <li>Ghost type allows to be immune to fight spam...
  2. jidan


    SMOKE YOUR FEAR ____________________________________________ I started with Landorus and Keldeo; these two are pretty much the same counter so i introduced Tyranitar to pursuit them and to annoy opponet's weather, than I wanted something that gave me momentum and resistance to rain and...
  3. jidan

    sharperdo's storm

    sharpedo's storm Hi guys, sorry for my english but it isn't my native speaker. BUILDING PHASE: The star of my team is sharpedo becouse of it's cool and dangerous with his speed boost than i put thundurus-t for the sinergy with my shark; to increase the power of this 2 pkmn i use polided...