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  1. Banning Broken Pokemon or preserving our metagame?

    I feel like you do have a valid point with the smogon community leading the pack to what is OU and what is not, but the metagame ulitmatley leads back to being fun or not. See if there was always, let's say Ho-oh, then every team would have a check/ counter, but that harms ingenuity, and...
  2. The Sea Devil's Fruit

    Thanks Aerrow! At first I was apprehensive to go to Vaporeon, but I'll go check how Vappy does!
  3. The Sea Devil's Fruit

    Hiya everyone. This is a team that I have been testing, and it is going pretty well. However, like all things in life it could be improved. This team revolves around Physical Life Orb Flygon. This team was made to facilitate the sweep of Flygon. Creation Process...
  4. Turn XIII (OU Warstory)

    I liked your lucid comments about each turn.
  5. Sableye

    I like this set, it finally gives Sableye the attention she(?) desereves.
  6. Excadrill

    Ohh this is like the revamped and improved Rampardos!
  7. Suicune

    Suicune now has a better ability to wall or tank other bulky waters, this new abiliity it pretty nice.
  8. Lucario (Choice Scarf)

    [SET] name: Choice Scarf move 1: Close Combat move 2: ThunderPunch move 3: Ice Punch move 4: Crunch item: Choice Scarf nature: Jolly evs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe [SET COMMENTS] <p>Though typically seen as a Swords Dance sweeper, Lucario is more than capable of trading in its Life Orb for a...
  9. Shaymin (Swords Dance SubSalac)

    This might have a different niche, differentiating it from Celebi's SD set. I'd think if you removed the "Salac" strategy and just use SubSD. Then maybe it'll work despite the weather and priority, which seriously hinders the whole "Salac" strategy. Shaymin holds only a x2 weakness to bug over...
  10. Deconstructing the first-generation Pokemon universe

    I like how this reads, it has a very "adult" hue to everything.
  11. Middle Cup Discussion Thread

    This seems like a good idea, including the middle evolution.
  12. Ehh ya mostly, i go to the Xat every now and then, but I'v been busy with life

    Ehh ya mostly, i go to the Xat every now and then, but I'v been busy with life
  13. Conan, long time no see

    Conan, long time no see
  14. Uber Crazy: An Uber Warstory

    The additional comments on next to the health of each poke was amusing. Other then that that was an alright warstory..
  15. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer (Mark 3)

    I was wondering if anyone knew. In addition, for some reason I the above problem only happens for the Smogon server, i can log into any other server fine.. Thanks to anyone in advance
  16. Aerodactyl (Life Orb)

    Although a tiny detail, I think it said be said that Pressure be the preferred ability to use, mainly to deplete PP while Roosting and such.
  17. A Beginner's Guide to Distributing EVs

    I really liked this guide, I personally learned a quite a few elements myself. In addition, I think that before this set goes on the site, you should add a index for it, so it seems more presentable. Anyway, excellent guide!
  18. OU RMT Team Fett Man

    Hello. After looking at your team I have found a weakness to Adamant SD Lucario. Threat @Life Orb Admant : ~ EV: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe - Swords Dance - Close Combat - Extremespeed - Stone Edge Lucario is able to obtain a Swords Dance predominatly from Scizor, when hes locked into Bullet...
  19. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer (Mark 3)

    I was wondering why I cannot log into Shoddy. For this Comp. I use a wireless USB, that connects to a router for internet connection. I can open the program fine, and edit my team regularly, but after I log in my Username and password (both correct) I click the "Log In" Button, but it doesn't do...