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  1. rhydreigon

    ORAS Ubers Almost Anything Goes

    Hello and welcome to my second RMT and my first for Ubers. I've been an AG player for a while now, and every now and again I'd considered trying Ubers, as at the surface level they seemed similar, so a lot of skills from one would transfer to another, but I'd always thought that due to things...
  2. rhydreigon

    Other Metagames Dark Void and Hope for the Best (Anything Goes RMT)

    Welcome to my first AG RMT! I won't waste much time on introductions, and I'll jump right into teambuilding! Teambuilding So I made this team quite some time ago, so I might not be able to say too much here, but I'll do what I can. I started this team by deciding to add one of the most potent...
  3. rhydreigon

    Fusion Evolution V2 (Submission Phase)

    by imas234 Hello and welcome back to Fusion Evolution! This is a Pet Mod that revolves around using breeding to create new breeds of powerful Pokemon to be used in an OU environment. This pet mod also had some lore to go with it, which can be seen in the original thread if you're interested...