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  1. RaveSage

    Triple Threat Trade Thread (Rave, CBowser, and Swampy)

    Triple Threat Trade Thread (Temp Name)
  2. RaveSage

    R.U.R. Pokemon Style [OU]

    I've been trying to get back into OU for a while now. There are so many new threats that it's almost a foreign metagame to me. the main focus of the team is my two steel types and their ability to place solid hits and support Salamence. In case anyone didn't get the reference, R.U.R. stands for...
  3. RaveSage

    Calm(Mind) Down. [UU]

    As a newcomer to the UU tier, I found the pure stall strategy a bit out of touch for me. To this end, I started looking into ways on making a hardcore offense team but it was quickly dashed. However, from the ashes of that team I constructed this team that runs on two separate style Calm Mind...