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    Resource SWSH LC Viability Rankings [UPDATED for LCWC]

    The OP has been updated with a few changes--39 changes. You can find them in the hide tag below. :natu: A- --> A+ :porygon: A- --> A+ :Grookey: A+ --> A :mareanie: A- --> A :Ponyta: A+ --> A :staryu: A+ --> A :Foongus: A --> A- :mudbray: A --> A- :trapinch: B+ --> A- :carvanha: C- --> B+...
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    Resource SWSH LC Viability Rankings [UPDATED for LCWC]

    We're working on an update again, but this time we are doing something a little different. A few people expressed a great interest in having a community sheet available for more direct input, a lot like other communities already do. For them, I have made a sheet that anyone can contribute to...
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    Tournament LCWC III - Week 5

    ORAS: Fiend v. Spl4sh babyboyblues ?????
  4. Fiend

    LC Koffing

    looks good after the edits we talked about. one last thing is that I would like to reorder your sentences to match the move-order from the set. i think they flow better this way too, given fire blast hits sludge bomb immunities. Sludge Bomb is a powerful STAB that scares out Mienfoo and Grookey...
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    On Sleep Clause

    I think it is simply incorrect to describe modern sleep mechanics as too rng/uncompetitive for our tiers. In general I think that Sleep Clause as it is works perfectly well for more metagame than it does not. Sleep has been okay in LC since XY, and my passing knowledge of lower tiers says this...
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    Smogon Grand Slam XI Tier Discussion

    There is one specific aspects of Grand Slam which are simply being overlooked when trying to force LC out of it: tournaments need to be as competitive as possible. Following this, it seems absurd to seek to remove LC from this tournament given the player base. It’s not so much that LCers are...
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    im good

    im good
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    Okay hun

    Okay hun
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    Sword and Shield Tiering Announcements

    Zigzagoon is banned from LC.
  10. Fiend

    Announcement LC Suspect - Jungle Drum

    Zigzagoon has been banned from LC.
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    SS LC - Zigzagoon Suspect Test Voting

    Eligible voters: 35 Cast Votes: 33 Ban votes: 25 DNB Votes: 8 Ban %: 71.4% Any uncast votes will not change the outcome now even if all were cast for Do Not Ban. 71.4% of possible votes were in favor of banning the Pokémon, overcoming the 60% threshold required. As a result, Zigzagoon is...
  12. Fiend

    SS LC - Zigzagoon Suspect Test Voting

    Zigzagoon: Ban
  13. Fiend

    Don't worry, I see it and will count it accordingly. Please follow the format next time however...

    Don't worry, I see it and will count it accordingly. Please follow the format next time however, it makes it easier for us!
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    SS LC - Zigzagoon Suspect Test Voting

    The following users have attained the requirements for the vote on the Zigzagoon suspect in SS LC. Fiend kythr TheKingKarp Coconut Zephyri Xizaaa Corporal Levi CMDoge Wail Wailord Haail califlour MendeeZ Laroxyl Surfy wesh papillon Acehunter1 TDW risi Maomiraeniya tazz Kipkluif Elfuseon zeriloa...
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    Tournament LCWC III - Signups

    fiend sm. California babyboyblues finals 2nd week of December
  16. Fiend

    LC LC Swiss II - Round 7

    Final tally of awarded points: Toadow Sciroccoo Osh Expulso Heysup Grankie Acehunter1 LilyAC Laroxyl Lokifan CMDoge Alkione ProdigeZz Surfy rahul_3301 MendeeZ chlo Ryuji-Sempai Nineage xujing691691 wesh papillon Collette TheKingKarp Elfuseon montegom false
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    LC LC Swiss II - Round 7

    LC Swiss II Tournament Rules: Standard SS LC All rounds will be best of three, you may switch teams in between games Any changes to the tier that occur in the middle of a round will not apply until the next round You are expected to know and follow all general tournament rules VMs are only...
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    LC LC Swiss II Round 6

    Elfuseon bb skarm you both failed to schedule, and it appears that bb skarm is using a different discord account now. i am giving you an extension due to the extension the round prior. SpectralThief, rahul_3301 get an extension Heysup, Toadow get an extension Act wins for: Acehunter1...