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  1. Brumirage

    Approved [Revamped] Add Sword and Shield trainer avatars for everyone

    Sup everyone ! I posted a thread (here) a few months ago asking if it was possible to implement on PS! a couple of avatars that I made with a little bit of help from Altthiel, Pujolly and Irpachuza. Unfortunately, many of these weren't up to PS!'s quality standards, but I worked really hard and...
  2. Brumirage

    Invalid Add Sword and Shield trainer avatars for everyone

    Hi everyone I have been working, with the help of Pujolly and Altthiel for touch-ups (and the Bede), on a couple generation 8 trainer avatars for PS, inspired by the huge work gnomowladny put into the gen6 trainers avatars we got earlier this year. We asked The Immortal if there was a way they...
  3. Brumirage

    Brumi-Workshop [Requests Closed]

    Hello! You can find here a summary of my creations on Smogon but also in the french community including tournament arts and custom sprites. Drawing for Pokémon’s competitive community is a real pleasure and I’ve been practicing for a while now. I usually accept all requests for custom avatars if...