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  1. Brammi

    GSC Cup VII - Round 1

    Can we request an extension? We're having timezone issues getting in the way of scheduling.
  2. Brammi

    RBY Cup VII - Signups

  3. Brammi

    ADV Cup VII - Round 1

    My opp ain't responded to me or anyone in a hot minute. Tried to get in touch a couple of times since we first made contact.
  4. Brammi

    GSC Cup VII - Signups

  5. Brammi

    BW Cup VII - Round 1

    Op not really playing ball with organising something quickly given the sub in.
  6. Brammi

    BW Cup VII - Round 1

    Thanks, contacted opp to get games done asap.
  7. Brammi

    BW Cup VII - Round 1

    Is it too late to come in as a sub or bye fill?
  8. Brammi

    ADV Cup VII - Signups

    in pls
  9. Brammi

    DPP Cup VII - Signups

  10. Brammi

    BW Cup IV - Round 1

    So still nothing from my opponent.
  11. Brammi

    GSC Cup IV - Signups

  12. Brammi

    RBY Cup IV - Signups

  13. Brammi

    DPP Cup IV - Round 1

    In as sub. :( only one I care about
  14. Brammi

    BW Cup IV - Round 1

    Been a few days with no response from my opponent. Presuming by baseless you mean just requesting activity without anything to bakc it up. I know there is time in the round but not sure if you want to know early for sub spots.
  15. Brammi

    ADV Cup IV - Signups

  16. Brammi

    DPP Cup IV - Signups

  17. Brammi

    BW Cup IV - Signups

  18. Brammi

    Type Restriction Tournament IV - Round 1

    Are the abilities Colour Change and Protean allowed?