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  1. What was the worst damage inflicted upon any of your games, by yourself or anyone?

    All my dslite damage is one tiny crack, despite countless times of falling onto hard cement. Oh yeah, both triggers wouldn't respond unless smashed against the wall. At any rate, I lose my stuff faster than I can break them.
  2. In-Person Pokemon Tournaments

    The Nintendo tournments will still hold the hearts of many in the U.S. especially since not everyone goes on smogon. Still, this is a viable opinion and could have potential.
  3. 2nd Warstory: I don't know how to call this.

    This warstory is pretty cool, actually. I loved Regigigas's sweep most of all.
  4. The Tier of the Forgotten - A Warstory (NU)

    The comments were very enjoyable. I have to say, when I think of Pokemon nowadays, I never think of NU. Thanks for pointing out the specifics of NU for me!
  5. HGSS Megaspeculation Thread

    Well, Nintendo could just do away with the whole time concept. If they really wanted to keep with the whole new generation subject, they could remake the story with the same plot but in our time period(DPP). I agree, the Time Capsule did have a lot of limitations and if they wanted to utilize...
  6. UK Smogon Tournaments?

    I may not live in the UK, but I think this is a stellar idea. Of course, if no one arrives at first you could start it out on wi-fi.
  7. Halo Wars

    It's pretty good. If you have a friend on Xbox Live you can play the campain coop, whaling on the enemy with two armies.
  8. Grifball, it's not halo

    Yeah, its ok in some ways. At any rate it's the only game my younger siblings can play on Xbox Live, and they get me a ton of medals doing so.
  9. Smogon Steam, Xfire and XBox Live account names

    Xbox Live: CloneSlayers
  10. Anyone here still play Yu-Gi-Oh?

    Ah, I grew up with my cousins who all used illegal/fake cards and who exploited my ignorance of the rules to rub their victories in my face. In general, it kinda threw me off the "liking Yu-Gi-Oh" path forever.
  11. Official Halo 3 Thread

    Yeah. H2 is way different from H3 from gameplay to tactics. I don't play that much anymore; have to say smogon stole me away from the life as a Halo fanboy.
  12. The Fysical Phitness Thread

    Mainly, I just work on my abs doing situps, crunches, and the like. Ab training is really important.
  13. Wikipedia - How/when do you trust it?

    It depends. If it sounds like the user knows what he or she is doing, its generally better to rely on it. My teacher says two ways to check if the article is good is to check if they have several referrences, so you know they didn't get it out of their head, or cross reference it yourself with...
  14. How did you create your username?

    Just put a profession with a random name. It's what I did anyway, as you can see