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    ORAS OU Gallade's Hyper Offense, A Gallant Breakthrough: Featuring Gabby and Ty! (A MUST READ)

    Featuring: Gabby and Ty, your favourite News Reports (bringing to you the best of Trainers). Well, first thing's first, I'm a huge fan of the pokemon Gallade. However despite having access to a great offensive move pool and superb offensive stats, it doesn't quite have the traits to make it...
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    ORAS OU Mega Pidgeot: Pokemon Masters needed!

    I've been trying to make a mega pidgeot team but for some reason I haven't been having much luck with it. As I was building this team it eventually lead to a HO team of sorts. I gathered the following teammates that I thought were the most suits to supporting pidgeot. It's a cool looking bird...