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  1. JTrainer

    JTrainer's Trade Thread

    Hello. This is my first ever trade thread. Trainer Info: OT: Joey FC: 1893 3683 3048 Guidelines/Rules: 1. No hacks. RNGs and Clones are okay (All of the pokemon I'm offering are RNGed and cloned) 2. I do not use pokecheck 3. You do not need a trade thread in order to trade with me, but it...
  2. JTrainer

    JTrainer's "Improved" Team

    The last time I posted here I did not follow the rules very well. Sorry for that. Plus I accidentally posted my team in the OU category, when they are not OU. My team is actually a mix of UU and OU. However, as in my last post, I will NOT change the kind of pokemon I use on my team (I am very...
  3. JTrainer

    JTrainer's Platinum Team

    This is my Pokemon Team in my Platinum version. All of these pokemon (except Roserade) were also in my team in Emerald version. Blaziken @ Choice Band Nature: Jolly Ability: Blaze EVs: 255 ATK / 255 SPEED Moves: Flare Blitz Stone Edge Superpower Thunderpunch Blaziken was my starter, and...