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  1. -Shade-

    ORAS OU TRY TO DESTROY IT! (Mega-Sabeye Stall)

    TRY TO DESTROY IT! Hi, Smogoners! Here I am to show you my second RMT on this community! As I did in the previous RMT, I decided even this time to build a stall team, because stall is my favourite playstyle in this metagame due to the difficulty in ORAS of playing HO. All the pokemons in...
  2. -Shade-


    Hi smogoners here is Shade and is my first RMT on this Pokemon Community. Several people have told me that they think it's rather cool, so i decided to post it here this team to have a rate. This is a very original stall team. It's a very solid team that works good. In this stall you won't see...