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  1. I dont care

    I Dont Care's Colorize Gallery

    FAQ: - Can I use your works? - If you like them why not. Just let me know for what. - What's that weird language that I see in some works? - Probably it's Italian. - Do you accept requests? - No, sorry. I do all this just for fun. - Do you do something that is not a colorize? - Yes, something...
  2. I dont care

    [QC Ready 1/3] Gyarados

    [Pros] <ul> <li>It has an awesome Attack stat.</li> <li>Great bulk and access to Dragon Dance make it a fearsome sweeper.</li> <li>It has an immunity to Toxic Spikes, Spikes and Sticky Web.</li> <li> It resists Fighting- and Steel-type attacks.</li> <li>Immunity to Ground-type attacks gives it...
  3. I dont care

    [QC READY 2/3] Noivern

    [Pros] <ul> <li> Has good Speed and decent Special Attack stat.</li> <li> Access to powerful STAB like Draco Meteor and Hurricane. </li> <li> Infiltrator allows to overcome Reflect, Light Screen and Substitute too.</li> <li> Immune to Ground-type moves, Toxic Spikes, Spikes and Sticky Web...
  4. I dont care

    Terrifying Turtle

    Building Phase [ Sorry for bad english :* ] Well well, this is my new NU team, It's based on Carracosta, good Sweeper. I started with the core Carracosta + Scolipede, the bug has in its moverpool Spikes and Toxic Spikes, very good for the Carracosta's sweep. So I needed a Stealth Rock user...
  5. I dont care

    [BW2-OU] A Fresh Day

    [BW2-OU] A Fresh Day Hello everyone. I want present this team today because it has some flaw, I hope you can help me to improve it. Building Phase _____ * I started with the combination of Latios and Garchomp, very cool dragons. Garchomp has 130 Atk and the combination Dragon and...