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  1. Tan

    Rotom-F (Analysis) [QC 2/2][GP 2/2]

    Rotom-F QC 2/2 GP 2/2 [Overview] <p>Rotom-F is a good Pokemon both offensively and defensively, and should not be underestimated in VGC 2012. With a new secondary Ice typing to add to its Electric typing, Rotom-F has STAB on popular moves such as Blizzard and Thunderbolt, and is still...
  2. Tan

    Sawsbuck (Analysis)[QC 2/2][GP 2/2]

    [Overview] <p>Sawsbuck is a decent offensive threat that can become very successful when used with a combination of Sunny Day and Tailwind. It lives up to its reputation as one of the best Chlorophyll users in the metagame which, combined with base 100 Attack, makes Sawsbuck a solid choice...
  3. Tan

    Sunny Day VGC 2011

    Hi! I have been on smogon for quite a while now and been trying to put a VGC team for a month or so. Last year I lost in the second round so I hope to make a better showing this year! Anyways, I decided to theme this team around Sunny Day, so any help is appreciated. Without further ado: Sunny...
  4. Tan

    VCG at Big D (First Warstory)

    Well, it been a long time since I have battled in a tournament and I guess this warstory proves it. Anyways, Toxic Spork and I went with a couple of school friends to the Convention Center to compete in this tourny and had lots of fun so lets begin! Saturday May 29,2010 3:50 am: Finally...