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  1. Player-0

    Smogon Youtube Video Graphics

    I know I haven't been active on hear at all. I contributed a bit in my time. I graduated school and have a job and stuff. But I can't help, but cringe when I see the graphics I made for the Youtube channel years ago. Not sure if i made them under this account. But a while ago I created new...
  2. Player-0

    Small Pokedex Enchancement

    I imagine that a lot of traffic is generated through people finding smogon's strategy dex. From what I have seen and discussed with a few members on Smogon that they first joined Smogon for the RMT forum. With Smogon trying to attract more viewers through multiple outlets I can only imagine...
  3. Player-0

    Live Stream Notification

    With the recent push for community involvement on social media I thought an on-site notification of live streams would be beneficial. Also the inclusion of facebook, twitter, and other social media outlets would be extremely beneficial to display on the forum and main page would be a plus...