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  1. Bluecaptain

    Eevee Mania - Not only Eeveelutions! [CLOSED]

    Deposited Pokemon: Zubat Level: 14 Gender: Female Wanted Pokemon: Sylveon IGN: Fisk Message: Christian Thanks in advance!
  2. Bluecaptain

    The Hateful Eight (Mods lock please)

    Deposited: Doduo, Female, Lvl. 30 IGN: Moshi Message: H8ful 8 For: #347 Anorith ♂ IVs: 31/31/31/x/31/31 Ability: Swift Swim Nature: Adamant Moves: Iron Defense, Aqua Jet, Rapid Spin, Knock Off Thanks again Loco!
  3. Bluecaptain

    The Anime / Manga Thread (MK2) | Beware Spoilers

    It was a nice surprise that the first episode was almost 50 mins! I also like how they start off on a bit of a dark note, makes it feel more like a real season two (don't ask me what that means).
  4. Bluecaptain

    The Hateful Eight (Mods lock please)

    Deposited: Doduo, Male, Lvl. 30 IGN: Moshi Message: H8ful 8 For: #046 Paras ♀ IVs: 31/31/31/x/31/31 Ability: Dry Skin Nature: Adamant Moves: Wide Guard, Pursuit, Agility, Leech Seed
  5. Bluecaptain

    A Giveaway Of Thrones [COMPLETED]

    Wanted: Scyther IGN: Fisk Species: Solrock Level: 1 Gender: Genderless GTS Message: Nelson Tangela Thanks Sniped
  6. Bluecaptain

    The Hateful Eight (Mods lock please)

    Deposited: Doduo Female, Lvl. 10 IGN: Moshi Message: H8ful 8 For: #616 Shelmet ♀ IVs: 31/x/31/31/31/31 Ability: Overcoat Nature: Timid Moves: Guard Split, Spikes, Encore, Baton Pass
  7. Bluecaptain

    [DONE] KANTO CLASSIC: Post your results!

    I should have one, I'll take it out of my pokebank and send it over. PM me when you get home. Also, to report my record today. 9-1, lost to two stone edge misses against burned Gyarados with my Aerodactyl. Oh well. Played against 3 scrub teams and a number of good teams, so there is totally...
  8. Bluecaptain

    Team Fortress 2 - Join us at #lol

    Lucky you comatthew! I just bought a Vivid Plasma Detective Noir, and I are proud. T^T It's not my first unusual, but it's one that I love.
  9. Bluecaptain


    To me this looks like concept art for a 3D Pokemon RPG, well done!
  10. Bluecaptain

    Sugary Drink Ban

    Regardless of the law being made, the attention that the city brings to the health problems surrounding soda will hopefully cause people to be more aware of their intake. I also believe that the ban won't really change much, just buy another drink if you deem it necessary. If you are worried...
  11. Bluecaptain

    Electro Dance Music

    Oldie and a goodie. :D
  12. Bluecaptain

    What were you like when you first joined this forum?

    I had the required bad/locked RMT, stopped posting = lurking. "Helped" with CAPmon, mostly Kitsuno. Started actually trying to train pokes the right way, aka breed with the right nature then EV train, ignoring ivs... I aged about a year and started actually being good, playing on PO quite...
  13. Bluecaptain

    Team Fortress 2 - Join us at #lol

    I'm down for sure.
  14. Bluecaptain

    Team Fortress 2 - Join us at #lol

    Was just about to post this haha, here is the rest of the info: My day was just made too.
  15. Bluecaptain

    Smogon's Let's Play Central

    Yes I am aware I that it is the second one, I had posted the first one earlier, I'm pretty sure :D That's really weird about the 3rd vid idk why that's happening but it's eewwwww.
  16. Bluecaptain

    Smogon's Let's Play Central

    Thanks! There are currently 3 episodes up, but I have more waiting in the wings if you or anyone else would like me to upload them.
  17. Bluecaptain

    Smogon's Let's Play Central

    Seems so, unless people want me to keep posting my Shadow of the Colossus Hard Mode LP that I did with my friends last semester. It is actually entertaining imo. rS76bP6g1BI
  18. Bluecaptain

    food poll 3: the tastes

    Well I can't decide between Sour and Umami soooooooooo....I guess I can do sour.
  19. Bluecaptain

    Recommended software

    LAME can be useful if you like high quality music, same with Exact Audio Copy.