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  1. Veedrock

    Super Smash Bros 4 (Spoilers ITT)

    I've been trying to figure out the picture too x_x
  2. Veedrock

    Minecraft Discussion Thread

    Good joke.
  3. Veedrock

    Minecraft Discussion Thread

    Heh, I'm glad we never did get around to making a new topic, going back through all my old posts for nostalgia :toast: My previous post still stands though, y'all were dicks. Oh, I found a post saying I had like 5 minecraft accounts. My paypal account backs up the claim, but I...
  4. Veedrock

    Xbox One

    Doesn't debunk that there could be a fee for it, which is the thing people are actually upset about. I actually like everything about the X1 right now, guess that's fanboyism for you.
  5. Veedrock

    General Fighting Game Discussion

    I'm like stupid excited for Injustice and I don't know why. Same thing happened with Mortal Kombat :S
  6. Veedrock

    The Smogon 5K Challenge

    So we're expected to train on our own? No prescribed regimen or anything? Pointers are fine and all but I prefer a little more structure to prevent procrastination, though I suppose it is a personal challenge. Not that it matters for me, I'm not sure I can participate as there's not really a...
  7. Veedrock

    Minecraft Discussion Thread

    Considering that several of us were banned during team picking, that's obviously not enough.
  8. Veedrock

    Minecraft Discussion Thread

    So what are the qualifications to be allowed to play OOSOS?
  9. Veedrock

    Minecraft Discussion Thread

    Throw money at it.
  10. Veedrock

    2012 USA Election Thread: Obama projected winner

    Now we wait for some idiot in charge to dismiss these and claim all these switches will actually balance out.
  11. Veedrock

    Minecraft Discussion Thread

    How does it work then? Genuine question.
  12. Veedrock

    Minecraft Discussion Thread

    Really wish I read about it sooner before people started getting on board because I am infinitely opposed to a Nether reset. I've put way too much effort into it. This is why I was trading for redstone and raiding the charity house for cobble awhile back. Not...
  13. Veedrock

    np: UU Stage 8 - I Remember

  14. Veedrock

    Naruto (Spoilers ITT)

    Forgive my noobishness, I have only very loosely been following Naruto since the Pain arc, but why does it matter if Tobi is Obito? Besides raising further questions, what changes depending on whether it's just his eye or actually him? Seems rather irrelevant to me, but again I'm only loosely...
  15. Veedrock

    Minecraft Discussion Thread

    Blasphemy, these people obviously play SSP and other servers on a daily basis.
  16. Veedrock

    Post your Playstation/Xbox 360/Steam Gamertags here

    So uh, why do we have to list age? Seems petty. Since this topic is looking for pretty specific credentials instead of a catchall topic a la this thread, I don't see this being very productive in the end. Anyhow I'm Veedrock on everything, Xbox/PS3/Steam.
  17. Veedrock

    Recommended software

    Finally got my ducks in a row and I'm about ready to format my computer. I'm not happy with the current performance and I'm looking for lighter alternatives to common "bloatware" programs for when I restart. I'm aware of this previous thread in Internet Renaissance but it's really old so may be...
  18. Veedrock

    Search for Yourself

    Somebody help me make heads or tails of this.
  19. Veedrock

    Steam Summer Sale 2012

    If you at all plan to get one in the future, consider purchasing in advance. I bought a few collections during the 2009 Summer Sale but didn't get my gaming laptop until early 2010.