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  1. What if Smogon made OFFICAL pokemon games?

    I'm hoping I put this thead in the right place... Anyways, if the higher-ups of Smogon were to be hired by Nintendo & start helping with the games, I could see the games being SO much better for it... But this would depend on what Nintendo allowed/don't allow them to do or if the leaders...
  2. Casual Cup?

    If this is not where it should be, can someone move this there? (Thanks in advance.) I sometimes chat with a friend from Germany, & during 1 of our chat, she pointed out that she may quit pokemon for everyone being so competitive. (people worrying about natures, IVs, EVs, etc.) So I was...
  3. Improve-A-Pokemon

    All right, I tried searching this to see if I suggested this here yet, but found nothing... but nonetheless, if I have, feel free to delete this & make me aware of this by PM... Now, to get to the point: I understand that the CAP was made so we could better understand the competitive field, so I...
  4. ALL WILL FALL BEFORE ME!!! (litirally!) [RMT]

    Edited in: DELETE!!!! DELETE!!!!!! & PLEASE PRETEND THIS HAS NEVER HAPPEND!!!! I'd delete this blasted post myself, but NOOOOO, it does NOT show HOW to DELETE!!!! & yes, I did click the edit button... (You know what? the edit & delete buttons should be SEPERATE!!!)
  5. Hello!

    I'm new here, so I'm not certian this is the right board... Anyways, I planned on being active here.