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     Art Critique Thread

    Approved by a Bumalicious Bum Welcome to the official art critique thread! Here, anyone may post their art to be reviewed or give critiques on a piece in order to help someone grow as an artist. Whether you are a beginning or advanced artist, there is always room for criticism on your art, so...
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    Vegan/Vegetarian Thread

    Hey ya'll so I noticed there wasn't really a thread regarding veganism or vegetarianism so I thought I would make one. So a little about myself. I've been a vegatarian for about 5 months (2 months of that I was on a pescetarian diet which means no meat besides seafood but idk if that really...
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    so i have noticed that there is no KPOP thread here on smogon (well as of recent atleast) and it really upsets me because i like kpop and i think like 2 other people on this forum do too so maybe people will post here idk anyways i will start off by saying i listen to SNSD (girls generation)...
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    Language learning has always been something that has intrigued me. Fluent in about 2 other languages besides English (Serbian and French) I've spent a good portion of my life studying these. Why? Well, being from a Serbian background I've learned Serbian in hopes of communicating with family...
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    Approved The greatest guide on achieving reqs

    another satirical article (because that's all i like to write) where i show dear readers how to """"successfully"" get reqs, like here are some basic principals attitude a superb team perseverance other ppl hehe bwoii
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    Approved The Best of the Worst: Room Suggestions

    so I've had this idea for a while of starting a series about bad room suggestions basically it'll just be me giving around 5-10 room suggestions and thenn providing a satirical comment to go with each
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    Approved Making the Best of the lobby

    basically this will be a satirical article about the many entertaining aspects of the lobby as well as 'tips and tricks' on making it a fun stay in the Pokemon showdown lobby !!
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    fx art!!!!!

    hey im faxxifer and im back to bring you more arts, i do art for popular webzines n stuff. hope you enjoy (ノ´д`) all art in chronological order the golden age all three are collabs i did with ssensenh shes so cute (she did lineart i did coloring) you may...
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    XY OU First RMT: Good ole Pink n' Blue (1400 so far!)

    Hello this is my first RMT and I'd like to start off by saying that this is merely a team that i pretty much scrambled around when looking for a balanced-type team that checks most of the common OU threats, however it has gotten me WL ratio of 3:1 and almost a 1400 Elo for just a few days of...
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    Approved The Creative Side of PS!

    basically in this article i will be introducing the art and writing room (and maybe The studio if it makes sense but maybe not)) and explaining what goes on there and maybe how to contribute creativity. I'll definitely get to this very soon