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  1. Lady Bug

    DPP OU Goodbye Gen. 4

    As everyone knows, Pokemon Black and White came out like 2 weeks ago. This means I will probably never play generation 4 again unless it's for tournaments(like SPL). With all the new Pokemon and items, I doubt that hail is going to work, you never know though! Anyway, with the Black and White...
  2. Lady Bug

    Hail Stall

    Team Hail Stall Introduction: The main idea of this team is just stalling stuff with Toxic Spikes + Hail damage. I started this team as a UU team, later on Manaphy was the Suspect, and I thought a Hail team would be a good option for a Suspect team, so I replaced some...
  3. Lady Bug

    Suspect RMT

    I've been laddering on the Suspect ladder lately with my alt (Garchompfan23), and I got #1 with this team. I got bored of it, and I want to use the Suspects more, so why not post a RMT? Team at a glance ------------------------------------------------------------------- Smeargle (M) @...
  4. Lady Bug

    Limp Bizkit

  5. Lady Bug

    team FUCK YEAH (for the Suspect Ladder)

    So I've been using this team on the Suspect Ladder with my alt(AMERICA FUCK YEAH), it worked very well for the first 10 days and then it started to fail, I need help with it. Team At Galance: -----------------------------------------------------------------------...
  6. Lady Bug


    RMT or die I was thinking of revamping a D/P team, so I revamped my best one and it have some problems and I want to fix them =/ So, rate my team and fix it! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Infernape (M) @ Focus Sash Ability: Blaze EVs: 4...