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  1. Lord Jesseus

    Texas vs Dogfish

    4v4 Doubles (2 weak FE, 2 NFE) ASB 2/5 2 day DQ Items=On Switch=OK 2 Subs
  2. Lord Jesseus

    Imanalt vs Orcinus

    Imanalt has these pokemon: And.... Orcinus has those Pokemon. The rules are as follows: 4v4 Babysitter Singles (2 FEs, 2 NFEs) 2 day DQ Switch=OK Unlimited recs/chills 2 subs All abilities items=on Orcinus sends out first, I think.
  3. Lord Jesseus

    Alchemator vs IAR

    2v2 NFE Doubles Training Battle (Does not count towards W/L/T) 2 Recoveries/5 Chills per Pokemon 2 Substitutions Items=Training Arena=ASB Tournament Arena All abilities IAR needs to pick to mons and items, then I think Alch picks items and orders.
  4. Lord Jesseus

    Jesseus' Fakemons

    CBF digging up my old, crappy art thread. So here's a new, crappy art thread! Yesterday I got into a groove and drew some Fakemons. Warning: These a re photos taken on my phone so quality may not be fantastic... Original Drawn Version SCARAMUD Bug/Ground Stench/Swarm/Overcoat Based on scarab...
  5. Lord Jesseus

    Some Dummy eats at Subway

    Yeah how's that for a new twist on Subway Puns?3v3 NFE Doubles 2 Day DQ 2 recovery/5 chill 2 subs per mon Items = On All abilities Switch = OK, why not Arena: Anera Etiloive Notice that that spells "Eviolite Arena" backwards. Well, that's what the arena is! All NFEs have an Eviolite effect...
  6. Lord Jesseus

    Alchemator vs SimonSays

    4v4 Babysitter Doubles 2 Day DQ 2 Recoveries / 5 Chills 2 Subs Switch = OK Items = Training 1 Ability That Bell Tower from the anime. The arena lacks a water source, but otherwise all moves are permitted, and can be performed without the destruction of the arena (even seismic...
  7. Lord Jesseus

    Battle Pike [Bronze Rank] - Smashlloyd20

    "Welcome to the Battle Pike! What have you brought to battle with..." "Interesting... let me show you the doors." 28: Passho Berry / Ditto (Imposter @ Metal Powder, Serious 90/2/2/2/2/48) 39: Restore 50 HP to active mon / CHIMECHO THE TERRIBLE (Levitate @ Macho Brace...
  8. Lord Jesseus

    Engaway vs Lionheart

    Or Engineer Pikachu and The Royal Guard as they are more commonly known... Alrighty what've we got here. 4v4 Doubles Items - On Abilities - All DQ - 48 Hours Subs - Two Switch - OK 2 Recs / 5 Chills Arena: Type Changing Arena Arena: Type Changing Arena Field Type: All Types Complexity: Simple...
  9. Lord Jesseus

    Lady Salamence's 2k Spectacular - Melee Style

    Rules: FE 1 Pokemon each participant 2 day DQ Arena is the one below All abilities Training items only 2 Subs All abilities 2 recovs 5 chills PS: the center is bigger 6 platforms above goo. The goo will transform into anything the pokemon need, so there is no worry about restricted moves...
  10. Lord Jesseus

    Battle Pike [Bronze Rank] - Rickheg

    "Welcome to the Battle Pike! What have you brought to battle with..." "Interesting... let me show you the doors." 44: Restore 50 HP to any living mon / Wailord (Pressure @ Enigma Berry, Quiet ♀ 130/3/2/4/2/52 -10% Eva) 45: Restore 50 HP to any living mon /...
  11. Lord Jesseus

    Battle Pike [Silver Rank] - C$FP

    "Welcome to the Battle Pike! What have you brought to battle with..." "Interesting... let me show you the doors." 19: Toxic Orb / Mon of ref's choice is afflicted with Toxic. 11: Zoom Lens / Vespiquen (Pressure @ Zoom Lens, Brave ♀ 100/4/4/3/4/34 -10% Eva) 14: Razor Fang /...
  12. Lord Jesseus

    Battle Pike [Bronze Rank] - Rediamond

    "Welcome to the Battle Pike! What have you brought to battle with..." "Interesting... let me show you the doors." 12: Quick Claw / Your active mon is Paralyzed. 6: Focus Band / A move of the referee's choice on your Active mon is Encored. 24: Red Card / Active...
  13. Lord Jesseus

    Battle Arcade Challenge: Ragnarokalex

    Welcome puny human to the Battle Arcade! It seems you've brought the following Pokemon for a few rounds of Doubles: *Cyclohm (Daezara) Female* Nature: Modest Type: Electric: STAB; 50% reduction in paralysis chance from other electrical attacks, perfect accuracy and 30% chance of Protect...
  14. Lord Jesseus

    Battle Arcade Challenge: Aweshucks

    Welcome puny human to the Battle Arcade! It seems you've brought the following Pokemon for a few rounds of Singles: Kitsunoh (Female) Nature: Jolly (+Spe, -SpA) Type: Steel/Ghost Steel: Steel STAB; Immune to Sandstorm, highly insusceptible to toxic attacks, but can be corroded specifically by...
  15. Lord Jesseus

    Classical vs Wobbanaut

    Challenging classical 2 v 2 LC training doubles 1 Day DQ All Abilities B3P2 accept 3 Chills/ 3 Recovers. Switch = Justin Bidoof Arena: Unown Soup. 1 sub per mon Classical: Chimchar (*) Dejonel (M) Nature: Hasty (+17% Accuracy) Type: Fire Fire: Fire STAB; immune to burn...
  16. Lord Jesseus

    Wobbanaut vs Espyowner

    1v1 Singles LC Items = Training only. asb arena 0 chill/recovery Ability = One 1 Day DQ Espyowner Deino [Hercules] (M) Nature: Hasty (+15% Speed, +7% Accuracy, -1 Defense) Type: Dragon/Dark Dragon: Dragon STAB; More in touch with legendary or special auras in arenas. Able to use Thrash...
  17. Lord Jesseus

    Glacier Knight vs SubwayJ

    2v2 Open Training Doubles Unlimited recs/chills 1 Day DQ 2 Subs No Switch Training Items All abilities Arena: Field Type- Rock/Ground Complexity- Simple/Moderate Format- All Restrictions- All weather can be used except Sunny Day, No water source Obsidian Badlands: One of the harshest...
  18. Lord Jesseus

    Leethoof vs Glacier LET'S RAP THIS UP

    Yo wassup mah niggas and welcome to the match We'z about to get some battles all up in the this bi-yatch Pokemons be fightin' to light up the night While we be freestylin' to light up the mic CHECK IT 6v6 Weakmon Singles 3 Day DQ 1 Sub vs LC, 2 vs FE 2/5 recoveries/chills Training...
  19. Lord Jesseus

    Ziposaki vs Ragnarokalex

    FE Training 3v3 Doubles Items = Training 3 Recovers/ Infinite Chills Asb arena 1 day DQ 2 SubsAll Abilities Switch=OK Team Zipo: Xatu(*) [X] (M) Nature: Mild (Adds * to Special Attack, Subtracts * from Defense) Type: Psychic/Flying Psychic: Psychic STAB; less susceptible to...
  20. Lord Jesseus

    Aweshucks vs Elevator Music

    4v4 LC Doubles 1 day DQ/2 for refs 2 recovers/5 chills standard arena Other factors unspecified, I'll fill the gaps: Switch=ko All Abilities No Items 2 Subs Team Elevation: Venonat [Konpan] (M) Nature: Timid (+15% Speed, +6% Accuracy, -1 Atk) Type: Bug/Poison Bug: Bug STAB; more mobility in...