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  1. Gary

    Resource SS OU Viability Ranking Thread [Pre-DLC]

    Hello it is I, OUTL Finchinator. I just wanted to inform you that on Wednesday at 5:11 PM I made a post stating that the VR should expect an update early next week. I just wanted to remind you that this is still true in case you forgot to read my recent post. I am posting this because I can and...
  2. Gary

    OU Rotom-H

    Held item mic was dropped
  3. Gary

    OU Rotom-H

    Thanks mate
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  5. Gary

    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread

    Why are people just dropping baseless claims in this thread now? Switcheroo Goon isn't even bad because you burn Corvi which is one of the only few semi-reliable defensive counterplays to Goon, and you can also steal important items from shit like Boots Mandi/Lefties on Hippo to get rid of your...
  6. Gary

    OU Rotom-H

    GMars Thanks for the check.
  7. Gary

    Grammar-Prose Team Queue: Brave New World

    OU Rotom-H is ready.
  8. Gary

    SS OU Reservation Index v2

    Just a reminder to read this thread and also check the reservation list before reserving a Pokemon. We've been having people continually try to reserve Pokemon that are currently not up for reservation at this time.
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    Taptricity 48 hour courtesy reminder.
  10. Gary

    Mandibuzz [QC 1/3]

    DugZa QC feels that there's a few key things missing with this analysis and we would like it to be fixed before putting it back in Quality Control. For the most part, this analysis heavily overrate's Mandibuzz's effectiveness. Considering this isn't a QC check I'm not going to point out all the...
  11. Gary

    OU Hydreigon

    Fantastic work most of my changes are pretty nitpicky QC 1/3
  12. Gary

    OU Rotom-H

  13. Gary

    Resource SS OU Viability Ranking Thread [Pre-DLC]

    A ---> A+: I know this was brought up a few times but I definitely want to echo this nom. I legitimately think this Pokemon is kinda dumb. The choiced sets have like no reliable switch-ins and both have almost entirely different methods of counterplay. Pex can switch into CB relatively well but...
  14. Gary

    OU Seismitoad

    Toxapex isn't the best example here because Toad does like not even 50% to Pex with Earth Power and just gets crippled by Toxic, which greatly limits its durability. Toad should only ever switch into Pex if it's absolutely positive that it's not packing this move. I'd rather you mention that it...
  15. Gary

    OU Rotom-H

    [OVERVIEW] Rotom-H's combination of typing, utility, and offensive prowess has made it one of the most applicable Pokemon in OU. Its great defensive typing and STAB combination allow it to check prominent Pokemon such as Clefable, Corviknight, and Aegislash. Levitate is an incredibly useful...
  16. Gary

    SS OU Reservation Index v2

    Rotom Heat Jordy: yes
  17. Gary

    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread

    If it's deemed problematic like is has been the last couple gens, then there's always a good chance it will be looked at in the near future. SPL will be a great indicator.
  18. Gary

    Resource Isle of Armour Speed Tiers

    Added all of these thanks guys.
  19. Gary

    OU Mamoswine

    Egor We are super close to being done QCing all previews so please implement this as soon as you can.
  20. Gary

    OU Ribombee

    I feel like there's still a few redundancies/filler in like the first paragraph but I'd rather have GP be the judge of that. Regardless, great work. QC 2/2