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  1. Simple Question, Simple Answer Thread Advance

    SToss + Natural Cure on most OU Blisseys, regardless of attack. Uber/CM Blisseys can have both. FRLG legendary dogs always have crappy IVs. There's a rare candy as a trick house prize.
  2. Recommend PC games.

    Basically I prefer 1.6 because I find it more challenging to learn than Source. The guns in Source have less recoil, the hitboxes are larger, and you get ammo for free. Flashbangs and smoke grenades are much different, and so are the sniper rifles. There are a lot of other small things that...
  3. Recommend PC games.

    Crysis is just virtually impossible to play to its maximum graphical potential, if that's your thing. Even if you have CS Source get CS 1.6 anyway. Source is garbage compared to 1.6, unless you consider aesthetics to be more important than gameplay.
  4. Zero Punctuation Thread (The only game reviews that matter)

    Finally someone made a ZP thread, this guy's a genius. MoH:A and Assassin's Creed are definitely my favorites. He looks really weird in real life though, nothing like what I expected (second half of...I don't remember which one). Has anyone tried his Flash or whatever internet games?
  5. CAP 3 CAP 3 - Part 7 (Art Selection Poll)

    Debated for a while between the first two, but ultimately picked the first one. Next time I hope there will be more than just two days to submit art.
  6. Day of Silence

    My school does this. In fact, we have two Days of Silence, one supporting gay rights and another about drunk driving accidents or something. I've never really understood why being silent would suffice as a protest; I know how it's supposed to symbolized the sufferings of gays being forced to...
  7. Do you wear glasses or contacts?

    I've had glasses since 3rd grade. I have naturally horrible eyesight, everyone in my dad's family does. I've never worn contacts, and probably won't, because there really aren't contacts strong enough. I could conceivably have both glasses and contacts, but that's just twice the hassle. My...
  8. Standards for Grammar / Spelling, What a Good Writer Looks out for

    Is it supposed to be "a OHKO" or "an OHKO" If pronounced O-H-K-O it should be "an" but if it's read One hit KO it should be "a"
  9. Simple Question, Simple Answer Thread Advance
  10. Gen 3 (RMT) Stall Me

    Might have problems with no Rock resist. Enemy Aerodactyls look painful. Especially if Milotic is switching into Spikes + SS. You can try a defensive Metagross over Skarm, if you don't mind a lack of Spikes, maybe one with LS since you don't have much special coverage.
  11. Gen 3 Yawn, It's over 9000... turns.

    I don't know if you're being an idiot on purpose or not. But benefit of the doubt is always good right? You're talking a very situational set. Offensive Pert is rare, and an SD pass is better used by other things. Regardless, that Pert is beaten by Celebi, unless it has HP Bug, in which case...
  12. Gen 3 All stall teams I've been using bored me to death

    Pretty good team but Heracross is gonna hurt. Gyara should have a lot more defense to take on RS in a pinch. Try out TW over DD, you'll be able to allocate more EVs into defenses on Mag/Cele/Gyara. Also if you can catch Hera on that then everything on your team can whale on it and Cele/Sol can...
  13. Gen 3 pkmnstz

    DDmence will have fun once it realizes Vappy doesn't have IB. MAybe try using Surf/IB/Wish/Protect, since only Gar and Raikou can use the subs well. Consider Explosion somewhere, or else you can't do much to Curselax. I'm also not seeing the value of two Spinners, unless you're afraid of Forrey...
  14. Gen 3 Yawn, It's over 9000... turns.

    Flygon is manageable with Reflect. I concur with the impending DD Mence rape, so IB > Reflect on Cune. Explosion on Steelix, as said already. It also helps take down last pokemon Curselax if you decide to eschew Reflect for IB.
  15. FRLG in-game tier list

    I disagree with Oddish/Belsprout being so great. Oddish gets nothing but like, absorb and acid until level 40 something when it gets petal dance I think. It can't really do anything else except Cut and Flash. Same with Bellsprout except Razor leaf instead of Petal dance which is better at least...
  16. glen's grand voyage

    The two years I've lived in Japan (Osaka, but I've been to Tokyo often) have been mostly blurred from my memory, but just know that you gotta go hit up one of those sushi bars with the rotating conveyor belts with plates of sushi on them. Unless you don't like sushi, in which case why the f'k...
  17. Gen 3 MoPcross

    Gyarados with Taunt will be a bitch to deal with. The only thing that isn't getting whaled on is Salamence, who's Toxic will at least force it to switch out, but it's still not that great of a counter. Pert and Skarm will be Taunted and rendered virtually useless. Maybe play around with HP...
  18. Tips for memorization in school?

    Flash cards are the best, especially for foreign languages. If you're like me, you'll just program a bunch of formulae and stuff into your TI-83 or whatever for a Math/Science class.
  19. Gen 3 stall team

    Donphan can Counter it~! However I dunno how much it takes from a +2 EQ.