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  1. Platinum: Hard Mode

    So, this'll be a Nuzlocke Comic of my Platinum runthrough. I will have these extreme rules to keep the readers on their toes. Woo!? EXTREHEME NUZLOCKE CHALLENGHE! ~Catching the first Pokemon in an area only. If I fail, tough shit. ~If a Pokemon faints, it is dead and must be released. ~If all...
  2. n00b 4rtz

    So one day I decided to do some arts. Nooby arts, with no shading and are always anatomically incorrect. Sometimes. Enjoy or I'll draw a Houndoom eatingz you. :3 I will draw all teh Pokeymanz for you. #1: Caterpie If you're wondering why Caterpie is so thin, it's because he is starving...
  3. TPH's Sprite thread.

    Please lock. :X